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We’re so happy that you found your way here. This means you’re a professional and a curious person. Nexer Xtended is our network for subcontractors and partners. By joining Nexer Xtended, you become an extension of the Nexer family and get access to our assignments, agreements and customer relations.

Don’t stay on the doorstep! Sign up and enter Nexer Xtended – Professional Network.


Nexer Xtended is a fast-growing and innovative network for professionals, targeted at gig workers, small and medium-sized companies interested in assignments and projects in collaboration with Nexer.

Alongside the solid and long-term relationships with existing subcontractors, our network creates great development opportunities for existing and new partners. Register now and join our network!

What’s in it for you?


Together with us you can work as a part of one of our teams as a service or as an expert on one of our many assignments. There are endless opportunities. Reach out to us!


For 35 years we’ve helped our customers and clients to be not just part of a change, but ahead of it. We use strategy, technology, and communication to do just that. Today we are working with over 500 clients that we are very excited to share with you.


We are proud of our close relationship with our clients and partners, and our culture is built on a solid foundation of unwavering dedication to our clients’ and partners’ needs. Performance with pleasure. Engagement and genuine care for each other, what we do, and its effects upon the world.

learning culture


We rely on a high level of expertise. Therefore, growing our professional network is of great importance. By joining Nexer Xtended you will have access to a wide variety of networks and knowledge sharing events, both for you and for our clients. Let’s plan our future together.

At Nexer we use the concept Nexer Academy that regularly offers a wide range of courses – from UX to Cyber Security – where you can learn something outside of your primary specialisation.

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