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Digitalisation is revolutionising the handling of data, including the entire process around signatures. Electronic signatures are an efficient, secure and environmentally friendly way of signing documents. They can range from a simple signature on your mobile screen to leading solutions for advanced electronic signatures.


Nexer provides solutions for the entire life cycle of a document – from archiving and preservation to compliance with regulations and legislations. Our services for advanced electronic signatures can be integrated with your existing business systems. Prior to signing, converting documents to an archive-proof format (PDF/A) with embedded signatures. Verifying that a signature was valid at the time of signing.


Nexer provides services for advanced electronic signatures. Compliant with eIDAS, the EU regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions, our services are uniquely linked to the signer. They verify the identity of the signer and detect any tampering made to a signed document.

Advanced e-signatures are often used by authorities to safeguard citizens/public funds and to comply with regulations on archiving official documents. Nexer supports you all the way from identifying needs and requirements to developing and implementing a solution.

Together with our strategic partner Formpipe, we offer solutions for advanced electronic signatures.

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Business Area Manager

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