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information Management


Everything in today’s business revolves around information and how to interpret it. Never before has the amount of data been so extensive. The laws and regulations so many and so complex. Or the demand for accessibility higher. By securing their information management, organisations boost their ability to manage risks, uncover new insights and make informed decisions.
Stay on top of your data
In today’s world, information is easy to access and share. This is great, but it is also challenging, as critical information tends to slip through the cracks. Also, your documents need to be in order if they are to comply with regulations, qualify for ISO certifications and honour contracts and agreements. You can solve the problem by using a document management platform. Automating your workflow and providing a secure storage solution. With metadata ensuring efficient classification, search and notifications.

At Nexer, we are experts in this field. We provide users and customers with secure, world-class services and efficient control. Offering cutting-edge solutions within Document Management, Case Management, Archiving/Preservation and Electronic Signatures.


Document management

At Nexer we’re experts in ensuring control. Starting out by assessing the way your information assets are structured today, then proposing a plan and tools based on your needs. Making sure you can access your information from mobile devices, sign documents electronically and handle them in familiar tools such as Office 365. Offering freedom and security. Nexer partners with the leading suppliers M-files, Formpipe and Microsoft, and we always recommend the solutions that best meet your needs.

Case management

We offer system solutions for digitalising workflows and business processes. Improving information processes and case flows, making your organisation more efficient and your data more accessible. As experts in digital case management, we strive to deliver the right solution for your organisation. We handle everything from initial analysis and investigation to change management, implementation and innovative management.


INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY by streamlining processes

ELIMINATE DELAYS AND LEAD TIME by monitoring operations and ensuring SLA

LOWER COSTS by reducing the use of resources and improving quality of consistent operations

MITIGATE RISKS with standardized procedures and policies and provide traceability at all stages

We deliver to clients in public and private sector. Our solutions are based on leading platforms from our strategic partners Formpipe, M-files and Artvise

preservation and archiving

Today’s massive information flows make preservation and archiving essential to all types of businesses. Equally important is to save only that information that needs to be preserved, either due to regulatory requirements or from a business point of view. What’s your long-term strategy for preserving and archiving your information?

Preserving and archiving data is important for a number of reasons. From legal and regulatory requirements, traceability, and customer and citizen service, to decommissioning legacy systems. Equally important is to erase information — to comply with legal regulations such as GDPR, or simply to reduce the amount of unnecessary information stored. The goal is to provide data that is trusted and easily accessible when you are making business decisions.

Effective preservation is based on a preservation plan. It calls for starting by making an inventory of the different types of information, then prioritising and classifying the structured, semi-structured and unstructured information. Processes related to the information are mapped and documented.

Once the information is archived, it’s critical to make sure data integrity is preserved throughout the life cycle, including making sure the data is destroyed at the appropriate time.

Nexer is your strategic partner when it comes to information management. Preservation and archiving are not only an IT matter, but also a matter of digitalisation of your business processes.

We deliver archiving solutions from our partners Formpipe and M-Files. Providing high-end IT solutions and professional services, making sure your information is preserved and archived in the most efficient way.

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Times are changing. The amount of data is growing. Rapidly. We can give you peace of mind and make sure you stay on top of your data.