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it management

securing the foundation

In the midst of the digital revolution, the IT department is at the heart of your business. Making sure the digital transformation actually happens. Involved and integrated in all parts of the business, users and requirements come from all departments.

structure & models

What are your challenges? Nexer supports you in creating efficiency and order. From analysis and process development to governance and quality management. As with all leadership, it’s about understanding goals, needs and circumstances. Taking off in the right direction and creating optimal business value.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the field, we have the knowledge, models and industry best practices to help our customers reach their full potential.

some of our services

Business analysis

Gathering information and requirements to change your business. Our business analyst makes sure all changes are traced back to a real business need.

service design

Creating efficient services and solutions through our design-driven approach, where our customers benefit and we meet your actual business needs.

it governance

Integrating IT with your overall corporate strategy. We don’t treat IT as an isolated operation handled by the IT department. We integrate.

risk management

Helping you analyse and prevent IT-associated risks in your organisation.

service management

Maximising business value by coordinating and efficiently managing IT services. We base all our offerings on the best principles, knowledge and practices in the field. Focusing on implementing and managing IT services that build long-term quality and value for our customers.

requirement management

Taking all the necessary actions to make sure you have an effective requirement management process. This includes planning, development, verification and change management. We do this throughout all our projects.

system maintenance management

Using a holistic approach to manage system maintenance. Cooperation between operations and IT ensures we deliver corresponding to your business needs.


Helping your organization to develop efficient management systems, supporting your entire business!

business process development

Providing senior consulting for everything from documenting existing processes, flows, routines and working methods, to developing new processes or modernizing existing ones.

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