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UNIFIED commerce

bringing your e-commerce to the next level

Unified Commerce means connecting your systems into a digital ecosystem, with full transparency between all channels. All roles in the company are given the full 360° view in one common interface, which is adapted to the business processes. We at Nexer can deliver and connect all systems you need for your digital commerce and customer dialogue, and we are happy to take end-to-end responsibility for the complete solution.

e- commerce

Digital commerce is a whole ecosystem, and Nexer knows how to navigate that system to help you reach your business goals. We are e-commerce experts and will guide you in both strategic and technical areas. Our experience and passion for e-commerce ensure that you get the solutions and results you need to succeed with your digital commerce.

product information management

Think of product information as a strategic and valuable asset, and treat it accordingly. A Product Information Management (PIM) system gathers all product information centrally: technical specifications, basic information and images, as well as textual content you need to attract your target audience. Perfect when you operate in multiple channels!

The same information is used everywhere: in your online store, on the web, in directories and on mobile channels. Changes are handled continuously, so you and your customers can trust that everything is correct.

customer communication

Companies often have different systems to communicate with their customers. That makes it difficult to keep track of what is being said in the different channels. At Nexer, we have developed a complete solution called UniCom.

The solution has one single interface for all of your customer dialogue. It keeps everything in one place, making communicating easier not only for your business, but also for your customers.

digital asset management

There is no limit to what a digital asset may be in today’s continously evolving digital environment. Think of Digital Asset Management (DAM) as a centralised hub, where you can create, store, manage and automatically distribute content for interactive communication.

Every file in the media ecosystem needs to be organised and managed. Let your digital assets grow with your company, without the frustration of wasting time looking for a single file. Ever again.

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