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asset management


Asset Management is one of the most strategic areas for all asset-intensive businesses. Customers need to optimize the utilization of their capital-intensive assets for a very long time and secure a cost-efficient and secure operation during the asset’s entire lifecycle.

Nexer Asset Management offers a wide range of digitalization solutions, all integrated into one, the Nexer Asset Management 360 Cloud Suite. Nexer Asset Management is the largest digitalization specialist in asset management and maintenance in the Nordics.

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enterprise asset management

With IBM Maximo from Nexer, our customers are more efficient in their maintenance operations. They increase the availability and extend the lifetimes of their assets, and they mitigate risks such as health, safety, and environmental incidents.

As a key partner to IBM, we can provide flexible license models for Maximo including migration to Maximo Application Suite. Services include new projects, migrations, upgrades and application management services with SLAs. In addition to Maximo, we have our own mobile solution – Nexer Asset Mobile.

predictive maintenance

Using the latest IoT and AI technologies, asset intensive businesses can take the next leap in maintenance development. We help you move from corrective and preventive maintenance to a more proactive approach that is predictive and prescriptive.

The value is significant. Maintenance activities are not performed too late, hence increasing availability on assets. But not too early either, thus avoiding unnecessary cost of maintenance. Identified anomalies in the process are also valuable insights for the operation for process improvements. Simply put: it provides the right action at the right time.

Asset lifecycle management

An asset intensive operation normally has thousands of different drawings and documents related to its assets. It is crucial to be able to find information easily, both in new design projects and in daily operation, throughout the entire lifecycle of the assets.

Finding the right information just a little bit faster can represent huge savings in time and money.

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