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about us

Our dynamic and passionate culture is based on the vision of a promising future. With our cutting-edge services in strategy, technology and communication, we make sure our customers are not just part of change, but ahead of it. 



Every idea, innovation or acquaintance is a promise of a better future. For you, your business and the world at large. Our culture is built on this promise. The all-out dedication to our customers’ needs. The way we always deliver. And the genuine care for each other, what we do, and its effects on society. We aim to keep that promise.

our story


Nexer is a global tech company with strong roots in the Swedish heritage of entrepreneurship and innovation. In a world gone digital, we keep our customers one step ahead.  
Some of the world’s largest and most demanding businesses rely on our dedication and expertise within digital transformation, artificial intelligence, IT and R&D. We secure their progress by exploring cutting-edge tech, pushing ourselves to innovate, and sharing our skills within strategy, technology and communication.  
Nexer has 2,300 experts in 15 countries. The company is a part of the Danir group, a Swedish privately held business with 10,000 co-workers in 18 countries. Before 2021, Nexer operated as Sigma IT. 

our values

passion & execution

With many employees in many different countries, it’s important to know how Nexer does business. We all follow the same guidelines. This is our Code of Conduct. It describes how we behave according to company policies, laws and ethics – what it’s like to work at Nexer.



As a tech company of the future with a strong foundation in our vision of a Promising Future, Nexer believes in the power of everyone’s ability to make a difference and create change. With tech and digitalisation as our expert areas, we use technology to contribute to a sustainable tomorrow. We live our vision of a Promising Future every day – supporting our customers, developing our colleagues, and caring about the world at large.

Nexer is ISO 14001 certified and has supported the UN Global Compact principles since 2015.

As part of our commitment for a sustainable tomorrow, our target is to reduce our emissions by 50% by 2030 compared to 2019. Our ambition is to achieve this by reducing our direct and indirect emissions according to scope 1 and 2 of the Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Protocol. We do this by using energy efficiently and sustainably, optimising resource consumption, encouraging sustainable commuting, and reducing business travel.



As a family-owned business, we own our strategy and invest in long-term goals. The Nexer management team is passionate about contributing to the digital transformation. 

We contribute by constantly identifying new trends and opportunities, recruiting the best people, and developing even better ways to make a difference for our customers, co-workers and society at large.
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– Lars Kry, CEO

business is everywhere and so are we

Ahead of change in so many areas, Nexer has a wide range of experts at your service.

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