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Have you ever asked yourself the questions “What should cyber security really cost us”, “How likely is it that we have a security breach” or even “How do I measure anything in cyber security”? You’re far from alone. Many struggle to make cyber security relevant and prioritised in their organisation because of these unanswered questions. Nexer Cybersecurity puts an end to the guessing game by making both risk and cost measurable and quantifiable – so that you know exactly what measures you need to take to manage your risks and how much it will cost you.

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Leading the digital revolution with cutting-edge technology, Nexer Cybersecurity is an entrepreneurial part of the Nexer Group that manages strategy, technology, and communication to help your business stay safe. Instead of focusing on what’s been done before, we want to optimise and change the way we work with cyber security and truly embed it into the general operation of any organisation.



Cyber security investments are often based on guessing how likely your business is to be breached and rough estimations on how much it would cost. Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) is a tool unique to Nexer Cybersecurity that combines our expertise with a platform that gives straight answers. CRQ weighs cost vs. risk by analysing your data and deploying statistical and mathematical models to give you an individualised estimate of financial loss, in case of an incident. Now you can finally make an informed decision on how much of your budget to allocate to mitigation strategies that give the best protection – and ROI.

security architecture

IT architecture is becoming increasingly complex with more systems, applications, and distributed data. This makes businesses more vulnerable from a cyber security standpoint, especially during transformations and major changes such as moving to the cloud or implementing a new business model. We support our clients with security infrastructure and cyber security management, both during and after the digital transformation process – to ensure full protection while your business is evolving.


All organisations develop software, and they are all facing the same problem, knowingly or not, which is finding security vulnerabilities just before release. It’s not uncommon to see businesses perform vulnerability tests at the end of the project. However, by doing so, you risk discovering issues much later than desired, leading to increased costs and probably a lot of frustration. To avoid this, we bring our DevSecOps expertise by embedding cyber security early in the development life cycle, as well as at every CICD pipeline seamlessly. We “shift security left” by introducing culture and processes of security first. This increases enterprise agility,  reduces cost, and improves the overall quality of the application while reducing release frequency. To keep up with modern application and software development needs, it is critical for developers and enterprises to adopt DevSecOps. The outcome is a more efficient development process with identified and manageable risks.


Ensuring that an organization operates inline with GDPR can be more or less difficult. As with many rules and regulations maintaining a defined level of compliance is a must both in terms of protecting client assets as well as protecting ones brand and trust with the surrounding world. Nexer Cybersecurity addresses the area through an advisory as well as technical level as many shortcomings tend to be discovered too late due to integrations between internal and external platforms and partnerships. Our target is for our clients to be confident on a daily basis in regards to operate in accordance with expected levels of integrity.


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